Control Sciences and Dynamical Systems
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CSDy Graduate Program Handbook

Written Preliminary Exam

The CSDy preliminary exam consists of 3 subject exam, whose topics do not overlap, decided upon by the graduate student and faculty advisor with input from the CSDy DGS. Individual faculty in the areas selected set the exams. The exams are take-home and the student has 10 days to work on the 3 exams. The objective is to stretch the student to determine if they can apply their knowledge to problems they have not seen previously.
The faculty member who sets the exam will grade the exam. The faculty member will consider the exam papers, plus other information such as performance in course work, etc., in deciding whether the student has passed or failed the exam. A passing grade is B- or better. The student must pass all 3 exams to be admitted as a CSDy candidate for the Ph.D degree. Students who do not pass the examination can retake it next year.

Examination Committee Rules and Updates
Forms for Doctoral Students & Exmination Information
Graduate School Thesis Guidelines
Doctoral Dissertation Submissions
Graduate School Degree Completion

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