Control Sciences and Dynamical Systems
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Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics

AEM Faculty Contact List

  • William Garrard, Professor Emeritus
  • Demoz Gebre-Egziabher, Professor
  • Pete Seiler, Associate Professor and CSdy Director of Graduate Studies
  • Dale F. Enns, Adjunct Professor

Chemical Engineering & Material Science

CEMS Faculty Contact List

  • Prodromos Daoutidis, Professor

Computer Science & Engineering

CS &E Faculty Contact List

  • Marian Stachowicz, Professor, U of M - Duluth
  • Daniel Boley, Professor
  • Maria Gini, Professor
  • Nikolaos P. Papnikolopoulos, Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE Faculty Contact List

  • Tryphone Georgiou, Professor Emeritus
  • Mostafa Kaveh,Professor
  • John C. Kieffer, Professor Emeritus
  • Larry L. Kinney, Professor Emeritus
  • K.S.P. Kumar, Professor Emeritus

School of Mathematics

Mathematics Faculty Contact List

  • Walter Littman, Professor Emeritus
  • Richard P. McGehee, Professor
  • Peter Olver, Professor

Mechanical Engineering

MechEng Faculty Contact List

  • Max Donath, Professor
  • Kim Stelson, Professor
  • Perry Li, Professor
  • Rajesh Rajamani, Professor

Graduate Education Faculty Role List


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